I live in Outback NSW and have lived here for most of my life.  We moved to a farm at Goodooga from Cowra, in 1981, I was 11 years old.  I thought we had arrived at the end of the earth, but that wasn't the worst part, my parents then shipped me straight off to boarding school.

When I was completing Year 12 and deciding what to do with my life my Mum suggested I do teaching and follow in her footsteps.  She said it is a great career for women who live in small outback towns.  "Oh My God" I said to my mother, as if I would ever come back to Goodooga or some other small country town to live, "I'm a city girl" I said.

After completing Year 12 in 1987, I spent the next year studying business at June Dally Watkins Business Finishing School.  1988 rolled around and I had a job in Sydney, after about 8 months of living and working in Sydney I sheepishly rang my mum and said, "Oh, I'm thinking I might come home for a little while, you know, just to save money to go overseas, not forever!!!" I went home to the farm, then Mum and Dad told me I couldn't keep staying there and to find a job and move to town.  So, I did a Radio course through 2WEB in Bourke for about twelve months, decided I wasn't the next John Laws and got a job as a Legal Secretary in Walgett.

I did eventually go overseas in 1993.  I was going for 2 years.  I lasted 8 months. I came back home again for just a little while, I was off to Sydney to do huge things.  Then I met my husband at the pub in Lightning Ridge.

So, four kids later I am still here.  But you know what, I'm still glad I didn't become a teacher.  We own a tyre business in Walgett and that is how we came about the Ezijak.  We have been in drought for the past 7 years and 3 years ago, I said to my husband, "That's it, let's go to China and start importing our own tyres, I am sick and tired of waiting for it to rain".

Walking around the Trade Fair in Guangzhou, we happened across this Jack and I thought, "Oh my goodness, every woman in Australia needs one of these".  So that's how the Ezijak came about.  I love that I have a product that can actually help people travelling or living in the outback.