About Us

My husband and I have owned tyre businesses in outback NSW for over 15 years. We noticed the difficulty our customers have when they need to change a flat tyre. They said the jacks standard in their vehicles are so hard to use. Not to mention how tight the wheel nuts are and impossible to undo by hand.
We thought there must be an easier way for people to change a flat tyre so we bring you the Ezijak. We are so happy knowing that you can now safely and quickly change your tyre completely stress free. We want to make sure you are never left stranded on the side of the road again.
 Easy jack
The Ezijak is super easy to use, no skills at all are required. You will love the feeling of ease knowing your Ezjiak is at the ready for yourself and your loved ones. Just like you, we want to keep our family safe on the road, with four children who often drive long distances on our country roads. 
The Ezijak is made and approved to Australian standards, be careful of imitations.
The Ezijak is especially handy when you don't have any phone service!