User Guide

How to use your EziJak 

1. Plug the power cable into the cigarette lighter or use the battery clamps on the car battery.



2. Place Ezijak under your vehicle.  Check your vehicles manual as to where to correctly place the Ezijak.  Rotate adjusting screw to get the top of the jack as close to the chassis as possible.


3. Keep your engine running so as not to drain your vehicles battery while using the Ezijak.















4. Press the Lift Button and once the tyre is off the ground turn off lift button.






















5. Connect the power cable to your Rattle Gun, put the correct socket adaptor on,  and loosen the wheel nuts.





6. Remove flat tyre and replace with your spare tyre. Tighten the wheel nuts with the Rattle Gun.  Then change the tyre adjustment switch to down and lower your vehicle.

7. Tighten the wheel nuts with a wheel brace to make sure they are nice and tight and never lie under a car while it is jacked up.



To Use the Air Compressor



1. Plug the power cable into the 12v plug or battery. Pull out the air hose located in the side compartment of the Ezijak.


2. Choose the suitable head to connect to the tyre valve and then turn on the power until you get to your desired air pressure.